Act! ‘out-of-the box’ is a very capable customer relationship manager that is popular in the Real Estate world over the last few decades .  When you add the enhanced capabilities of Durkin's Table add-on environment and Troy Gerspacher’s  CCIM expertise  you now  have a program that will manifest tangible benefits for CRE Act! users. We also want to make the case that by making Act more robust in this manner, we can compete (more 'return' for your dollar invested) with significantly more expense programs that offer similar feature sets in many areas. Also, if you were to have a consulting firm design all of these customization from scratch, your costs would many times the prices of creBroker4Act  license.

image2Pivotal to understanding this approach is that we are not just selling a add-on for Act, but more so a custom tailored project that comes with technically competent and professional consultants that will assist you on only the components you request and need. For example, at the outset of each projects, we will do a analysis  session with you to identify your specific requirements so that only the appropriate projects steps and customization will be recommended.

 If you need the creBroker4Act package further customized, we will provide options and further estimates for your approval. From this point, we will install Act, Durkin and our custom software in any number of combinations (Network, Remote Desktop, Act for Web and Act for Smart phone)

Since each creBroker4Act installation is unique to the customer's  needs, we recommend that you set up a call with us so we can assess those  needs and then provide the appropriate items in your project estimate. We would also like to do a GotoMeeting with you so that we can display the functionality of creBroker4Act.


Please feel free to contact us for a no-charge assessment!