As you already know, Commercial Real Estate has its own specific set of requirements that are unique in the Real Estate world. creBroker4Act was designed by CRE broker who is also a long time Act! user. The technical design was done by a certified Act! Consultant.
Troy Gerspacher, CCIM, started out his journey by adding 100’s custom fields to Act! in an attempt to meet his custom CRE needs. As good as Act is for contact management, it was not designed to handle the complex data relationships needed by CRE firms. By adding an add-on environment called ‘Durkin Tools +’, we could then design (1-many) tables into Act that resolved these data structure challenges (and then some.)
Please take a minute to look at some of the screen shots included in this website which provide a better illustration we provided an enhanced design for Act to meet the specific needs of the Commercial Real Estate Broker user.

(click on image to enlarge)

Here is how we did it:

  1. We utilized an excellent Add-on from Durkin Computing which adds a more sophisticated layer of database design capability to the Act Program. Prior to the Durkin add-in it was difficult to access all data in a logical cohesive way. Now all of the details of the property are easily accessible in one place and all of people that may interact with that property are logically connected. In addition you are now able to see on one tab of property how piece of real estate has either sold or leased over the years. Solid data details will give you the edge in your market, and ultimately your bottom line.
  1. We have designed a entire Commercial Real Estate program for Act. This is far beyond just customizing field names in Act! alone. This allow s CRE companies to start using Act for CRE as soon as we install all the software rather than waiting on a longer development cycle that could weeks or months.
  2. Once Act! and Durkin are installed, this joint environment is still highly customizable. If your firm needs another custom table, form or custom feature designed from ‘scratch’, we can do that for you.