Troy Gerspacher


Troy Gerspacher, CCIM  is President of Gerspacher Real Estate Group and third generation to serve in the business of the brokering commercial real estate and investing in it.     The  family business was established in 50’s as primarily a residential brokerage and home building but since the early 90’s has operated as a exclusively as a commercial real estate brokerage.

His company began using ACT out of the box in the early 90’s and for 15 years used the ACT data base to inventory over 1500 properties and 7,000 contacts in and around their real estate market.  In 2005 Troy began growing the brokerage from just a couple of agents to 6 agents plus administrative staff.   He was not satisfied with the way the Act “out of the box” captured the details of a commercial real estate property or captured details of a prospect looking for this type of property.   It was very cumbersome for new agents to know where to find the right information and even train them on it.    Troy wanted a system that could allow him independence from third party providers like CoStar.

In 2009 Troy begin working with Jordan Ofri to better customize the software into something useable and CREBroker4Act was designed and continues to be improved today.  Troy felt this would be a great opportunity to offer this product to other smaller brokerages who need management and sales technology.   Currently Gerspacher Real Estate Group has 42% of their local market, representing over 150 listings valued at over $50 million.

Jordan Ofri


Jordan Ofri has been an Act! Certified consultant since 1994. He works directly with Troy Gerspacher CCIM to design both Act! and Durkin to fit the specific needs of the Commercial Real Estate Broker that uses Act!
Jordan’s career started out in the academic arena where he taught Computer Science in a private school setting. These teaching skills helped in the next phase of his career when he began to provide consulting services to Corporate clients. His training emphasis in consulting ensures that the client has a clear understanding of what is being designed and how to effectively utilize Act! and related technologies.
Being an Act! Certified Consultant and also Act! Certified Trainer (APT) ensures his clients not only a fluid knowledge of Act! but a strong understanding of peripheral technologies that are needed in the Act! world such as Networking, Relational Database design, Project Management and a number of Act add-on products

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